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Keep your Viking gas grill functioning beautifully through periodic maintenance and cleaning. These outdoor grills are incredibly easy to keep clean, but you must follow a few steps to keep the system function properly.

Allowing grease to sit on cooking grates and interior surfaces can cause corrosion. Prevent this from happening for optimal gas grill longevity.

Grease Trap Design

The Viking gas grill features a unique system for trapping grease and drippings. A grease pan runs the entire width of the gas grill. Using ball bearings and rollers, the grease tray opens easily and contains trays inside the grease pan that slide out for easy cleaning. Slide the grease tray out and empty the interior grease trays every time you grill. Every few weeks, you should remove the entire outer grease tray and clean that out as well.

Cleaning the Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are cast iron and coated in porcelain. Nothing sticks to them. Drippings, grease and sticky basting sauces that leave your meats end up in the drip pans. The burners are protected by drip guards.

Periodically remove the grates and wash if necessary. At the same time, remove the drip pans from over the burner and clear off any debris.

While the burner is exposed, it is always a good idea to inspect the connections and burner for any corrosion or leaks. You can purchase liquid gas leak detector at any hardware store. It's a great investment if you own a gas grill. One bottle should last years.

After grilling, turn your Viking gas grill burners to high and scrape the cooking grates to remove any residue. This helps immensely with keeping your grill clean. Wipe down the inside out the gas grill with a damp sponge.

Never Use Metal Brillo Pads

If the outside of your Viking gas grill is dirty, you can purchase specially designed stainless steel cleaners that spray on. Rub in the direction of the stainless steel's grain. Remember not to clean the outdoor grill with Brillo pads. If you must use a scrub pad, use the non-metal Scotch Brite pads.

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