Viking Outdoor Grill Parts - Replacement Gas Parts for Professional Grills

Viking grill parts are an integral part of keeping your gas grill in top shape. Even the best of gas grills require routine maintenance. Not only will maintenance help prolong the life of your outdoor grill, but it also protects you from accidental fires and other hazards.

Keep Your Gas Grill Clean

One of the best ways to keep your gas grill in top form is simply by cleaning it. Every time you use your gas grill, after removing the food crank the burners up to high and let the heat burn off any residue. Grease will drip from the cooking grates into the grease trap where you can safely remove it once the grill cools.

Every few weeks, remove the cooking grates and check them for wear. If the grates have chipped or are rusting through, replace them with Viking grill parts. While you have the cooking grates out, wipe off the protective plates over the burner and inspect the burner for corrosion. If the burner is rusting, order a replacement Viking grill part from an authorized dealer or online store.

Check the venturi tube and hoses for signs of leaks. When you turn on your grill, if you still smell gas after the burner is lit, shut the grill off and check for leaks. You can purchase liquid gas leak detector in hardware stores. Often, you'll find a hose has loosened. Simply tighten connections and you'll be ready to grill again.

Finally, wipe down the inside of the grill box to remove any greasy residue. This prevents accidental flare ups.

Common Replacement Viking Grill Parts

Often the parts that are replaced on a Viking gas grill are simply items like burner control knobs, casters and cooking grates. You'll find these parts are simple to replace by yourself.

A burner replacement requires a wrench, but it's generally something you can do by yourself. You may need an extra set of hands to help you line the venturi tube and burner up correctly.

For more complex tasks, you can still save money by having the Viking grill parts on hand and then having a professional handle the repair. This might include changing your propane gas grill to a natural gas grill with a conversion kit.

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