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Any Vermont Castings 3 burner grill is sufficient for the avid backyard griller. It's not the biggest model out there, but if you want a quality bbq grill that performs outstandingly, this Vermont Castings outdoor grill is a great choice.

While it is their budget model, the Vermont Castings 3 burner grill provides superior features and plenty of space. It's a great gas grill for a homeowner who wants a reliable outdoor grill for daily use.

More Features than One Expects on a Basic Gas Grill

Vermont Castings 3 burner grills come with impressive features like side burners, rotisserie burners and porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates.

Stainless steel burners are protected by heat distribution plates. It's important to keep these plates clean so that they do not rust prematurely. Stainless steel burners have individual control knobs allowing you to regulate heat settings with precision.

In addition, Vermont Castings 3 burner grill models are available in built-in or freestanding models. Freestanding models sit on carts that have storage behind two stainless steel doors. Store your propane tank behind those doors. If you use natural gas, use the storage cupboard for a trash bin, wood chip storage and more.

Great Warranty Coverage

Most gas grills offer a 90-day or one-year warranty. After that, you're on your own. Vermont Castings provides a limited lifetime warranty on their line of outdoor grills. Providing you maintain your gas grill by keeping it clean and performing regular inspections of items like the burner and hoses, many parts are protected by the extensive warranty.

Built to Last

Vermont Castings gas grills are designed to last. It's important to realize there are differences between models however. If you run to Home Depot for your Vermont Castings grills, these are not the same grills you get directly from the company. They are grills Vermont Castings makes following Home Depot's guidelines. So parts may not be as high quality as found on a true Vermont Castings 3 burner grill.

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