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Cooking on your new Vermont Castings BBQ grill is always fun. You can turn out succulent grilled chicken, juicy steaks and tender ribs every time. If you're new to grilling, the following tips will ensure you turn out great quality every time.

Keep Your Vermont Castings BBQ Grill Clean

A successful grill cook knows a clean Vermont Castings BBQ grill delivers the best heat output. Clean your cooking grate every time you use the barbecue grill. It's best to get in the habit of cleaning the BBQ grill after each use so that you start with a clean grill.

To avoid flare ups during your BBQ grilling, periodically clean out the bottom of the grill around the burner. Trimming fat off your meats will help eliminate much of the greasy mess from occurring.

Successful Marinating

If you marinate your meats, consider freezing them in the marinade. When meats are frozen, the expansion of the proteins and ice allows marinade to soak in. After grocery shopping, package your meats in Ziploc bags or covered freezer containers and cover them in the marinade. Place in the freezer and you're ready to grill. Simply remove them from the freezer, thaw them in your fridge and you'll have flavorful meats every time.

Avoid Forks or Juices Will Escape

While most bbq grilling tool kits include a fork, the truth is that piercing the surface of any meat allows juices to escape. Whenever possible, use tongs when you are cooking on your Vermont Castings BBQ grill.

Don't Become Turn Happy

Restaurant quality steaks are so good because they are not flipped repeatedly. An experience chef will only turn a steak once.

When you are cooking on your new Vermont Castings BBQ grill, remember to leave your meat alone. Place the seasoned meat down, set a timer for however long you need the one side to cook and then turn it once. To get a steak medium-rare, you should cook it for four to five minutes on each side. Remove it from the grill and you're done.

You can turn items like barbecued chicken more often to prevent burnt spots. However, still make sure you are allowing the food to sit long enough so that it actually has time to cook.

When to Add Basting Sauces

Basting sauces are often high in sugar. While they taste great, the sugar will caramelize quickly over a hot Vermont Castings BBQ grill. Add barbecue sauces and other basting sauces towards the end of your grilling to prevent burning.

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