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An outdoor grill is an investment, so protect it with a Vermont Castings grill cover. Most outdoor grills are exposed to the elements—rain, snow, ice and fine particles like dust and pollen. Over time, the elements damage the finish of a gas grill leading to rust and corrosion.

Make sure your gas grill is clean and dry before you cover it. If you place a cover on over a wet outdoor grill, you'll trap in moisture and increase the risk for corrosion.

In between uses of your gas grill, you can protect the finish with a Vermont Castings Deluxe Barbeque Cover. Purchase the Vermont Castings grill cover online or from an authorized Vermont Castings dealer.

Construction of a Vermont Castings Grill Cover

Vermont Castings grill covers are designed to fit snug to your Vermont Castings gas grill. Many generic gas grill covers have a tendency to blow off in high winds. The Vermont Castings grill covers ties snug at the bottom to prevent this issue.

Using 10-pound gray vinyl, Vermont Castings grill covers withstand much of the weight of snow and ice. This is important in snowy regions where the weight of snow and ice are known to rip the seams of gas grill covers.

Shopping for a Vermont Castings Grill Cover

Make sure that you shop for your gas grill cover by choosing the right cover for your model. Vermont Castings grill covers are designed for three, four and five burner outdoor grills. There are also covers for the built-in gas grills.

Check to see who manufactured the gas grill cover. Vermont Castings design their outdoor grill covers to fit specifically on their grills. Other manufacturers may say they fit Vermont Castings' outdoor grills, but they may not fit as precise as you would expect.

Saving Money on Your Vermont Castings Grill Cover

When shopping for a Vermont Castings grill cover, look at sites like You'll be the widest variety to help you save money. Typically, Vermont Castings grill covers sell for more than $50 from authorized dealers. It's often easier on your wallet to check online first for the best deal.

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