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If your backyard has a natural gas hook-up, the Vermont Castings natural gas grill will please you. You should have a qualified gas technician ensure the hook-up meets local and state codes and is safe to use.

Vermont Castings outdoor grills run on natural gas or propane. If you want to hook your propane gas grill to natural gas, the bbq must first be converted by an expert. Gas flow rates are different for propane and natural gas and cannot be interchanged without the conversion.

Built-in Vermont Castings Natural Gas Grill

If you want a built-in Vermont Castings natural gas grill, the three or five burner model are your choices. The five-burner gas grill is large with many features including a rotisserie burner, side burner, patented soft-touch, back-lit burner controls and an LED grill light.

Built-in gas grills do not offer the storage options that come with a freestanding model, but your outdoor counter top should more than make up for that.

The three-burner built-in gas grill gives you the choice of having a side burner or rotisserie burner. You can bypass them to save money or have them added for additional grilling possibilities. If you enjoy rotisserie fare, the rotisserie grill is definitely worthwhile.

Freestanding Vermont Castings Natural Gas Grill

Freestanding Vermont Castings natural gas grills come with three, four or five burners. The base that sits under the grill provide ample storage room. When hooked up to natural gas, you gain storage behind the double door base. There is plenty of room to fit your wood chips, pots and even a trash can if you want. The doors close securely, so there shouldn't be an issue with raccoons and skunks getting into the trash in the middle of the night.

The front of the barbecue grill has two storage areas for condiments and spices. Two racks allow you to hang towels, bbq grilling tools and potholders. The racks come with metal hooks that you place as needed to hang your bbq grilling necessities. You can purchase additional hooks at the hardware store if you have extra bbq grilling tools.

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