Vermont Castings Propane Grill - 3 Burner and 4 Burner Grills

A Vermont Castings propane grill is designed to last decades. To make sure your gas grill is in prime condition, you should follow a general maintenance routine. Failing to keep your outdoor grill clean and performing regular inspections of fittings will cause your grill to deteriorate faster than expected.

Remember that the key to a properly functioning Vermont Castings propane grill involves cleaning, care and correct usage. Your warranty will protect against unexpected wear and tear, but only if you follow the company's recommended guidelines for maintenance.

Keeping Your Gas Grill Clean

After every grilling session, clean your Vermont Castings propane grill cooking grates. Simply turn up the heat after you remove your food items and let the cooking grates heat up for a few minutes. Use a stiff bristled wire brush to remove stuck on foods and messes.

Once a month, it might be necessary to use a non-abrasive cleaning product to remove stuck on messes. Spray the cleaner on and let it sit for a few minutes before using a hose to spray it off. If you have a power washer or steam cleaner, those also prove effective.

Every few weeks, you should use a warm, wet sponge to scrub and wipe away any greasy build-up on the inside of the barbecue grill lid. Remove the cooking grates and wipe away any mess in the lower area of the bbq grill and on the burners. While you have the burner exposed, inspect it for rust or corrosion. Also check the connections to ensure they are snug.

Check your Vermont Castings Propane Grill Connections

Every week or so, you should check the regulator and hoses to make sure they are snug. Sniff around the tank and hoses to make sure you do not smell propane. If you do, check the connections for pin holes or other weak spots where gas may be escaping. Until you've found the source of the leak, do not operate your gas grill.

You can purchase liquid gas leak detector at any hardware or home improvement store. It's a good investment to make for your safety.

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