Weber Q Grills - Q100 Portable Grill

Small and portable, the Weber Portable Grill Q100 makes it easy to grill on the go. Bring it with you to football games, use it at home or take it camping. Convenience is key with this compact outdoor grill.

The Weber Portable Grill Q 100 is tiny in comparison with a traditional gas grill. However, it's packed with everything you need to cook up tasty grilled meats and vegetables. Plus, it's incredibly easy to set up and use.

Efficient Design of the Weber Portable Grill Q 100

Your new Weber Portable Grill Q100 is crafted from cast-aluminum. The framing is glass reinforced making it a very durable outdoor cooking grill. The gas grill lid seals well trapping heat in for optimal bbq grilling.

Hook it up to a 20-pound propane tank with an optional adapter or quickly screw on a 16-ounce cylinder that is purchased separately. The grill starts effortlessly with push button ignition.

Handy Features of the Weber Portable Grill Q 100

Clean up of a small gas grill is often difficult because of the smaller components. That's not the case with the Weber Portable Grill Q 100. A removable grease pan makes it easy to clean up after every use. Simple turn up the heat, use a stiff wired brush to remove any residue and everything falls into the grease pan.

Dimensions of the Weber Portable Grill Q100 ensure it fits easily into a trunk or truck bed. Measurements when the lid is fully opened are:

  • 15.9 inches deep.
  • 23.5 inches high
  • 27 inches wide

The stainless steel burner offers 8,500 BTUs and features an Infinite Control burner valve. The cooking grate on the Weber Portable Grill Q 100 is crafted from porcelain-enamel cast iron and offers a reasonable 189 square inches of cooking space.

The Weber gas grill comes with a limited warranty. You also gain a bbq grill recipe guide to help you get started. Set it up wherever you are and you're ready to started with your Weber Portable outdoor cooking grill.

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