Weber Q Grills - Q120 Portable Grill

Many portable gas grills fail to consider storage, but the Weber Portable Grill Q120 doesn't. Armed with handy side trays that fold up for utensil storage, this gas grill considers all the conveniences you might need.

Operating via a 14 or 16 ounce propane cylinder, you can take the outdoor cooker with you to picnics, camp outs or even use it at home. It's perfect for that cramped patio or balcony and travels easily. It's so compact, you can fit it in your trunk leaving plenty of room to spare.

Dimensions of the Weber Portable Grill Q 120

With the lid opened, the dimensions of Weber Portable Q120 grills are as follows.

  • 15.9 inches deep
  • 23.5 inches high
  • 27 inches wide

The small frame still offers an impressive 189 square inches of cooking space. It's a great choice for tailgate parties or camping. Because the portable gas grill is small enough to fit in a tiny space, it's also a popular choice with apartment dwellers who have a tiny balcony or patio and cannot fit a full-sized outdoor cooker. Everyone enjoys cooking outside, and the Weber Portable Grill Q 120 makes it possible.

Key Features of the Weber Portable Grill Q 120

The Weber Portable Grill Q120 provides 8,500 BTUs from a stainless steel burner. Drippings go into a removable grease pan to reduce flare ups and messy gas grill bottoms. The burner is controlled with an Infinite Control burner valve and operates via push-button electronic ignition.

Cooking grates are solid cast iron and coated in porcelain enamel for easier clean up. The removable grates fit nicely into a sink allowing you to hand wash them as needed. For really suck on messes, you can put the grill grates into your dishwasher if you use a mild dishwasher detergent and dry it immediately after washing.

Maintaining Your Weber Portable Grill Q 120

Keep your Weber Portable Grill Q 120 looking and functioning like new by performing a routine cleaning every month or so. Remove the cooking grate, inspect the burner for wear and then wipe out the lid, sides and bottom to remove any greasy residue.

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