Weber Ranch Kettle - Portable Charcoal Grills

The Weber Ranch Kettle makes it easily to move your grill from one area to another without skimping on grilling surface area. If you want a charcoal grill with a larger cooking grate, the portable charcoal grill is certain to please.

The kettle design of the charcoal grill helps the charcoal heat efficiently. Because the sloped sides encourage the charcoal to remain in a heaped pile, the charcoal lights perfectly every time. When it's ready, usually appears gray and ashy, spread them out and enjoy bbq grilling over charcoal.

Benefits to Cooking on a Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills have come a long way. First, many stores carry lump hardwood charcoal. It heats better, remains hotter for longer and foods taste exactly like you've cooked over a hardwood fire.

Second, propane and natural gas cost more than they ever have in the past. Charcoal remains a cost effective means for grilling. In addition, the ashes left behind can be added to your compost pile or flower gardens as nutrients. If you grill in the winter, spread ashes on icy spots in your driveway for traction.

Its hard to run out of charcoal while you grill. Once you've got your charcoal lit, the grill remains hot for hours. With propane gas grills, you can be halfway through cooking your food item and suddenly run out of gas forcing you to either run to the nearest store for a new tank or to finish cooking inside.

Features of the Weber Ranch Kettle

The Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill is 42 inches high, almost 45 inches deep and 38 inches wide. It's small enough to fit in a truck bed when you go tailgating or camping. Plus, it is more than sufficient for your bbq grilling needs.

The charcoal grill offers a removable ash catcher for easy clean up. It has two crack-proof wheels and two swivel casters for easy moving. In addition, the lid and kettle charcoal grill are crafted from durable stainless steel and coated in porcelain enamel.

A hinged cooking grate offers 1,104 square inches of cooking space and the hinged access makes it easy to add charcoal. Simply put, you'll quickly fall in love with everything the Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill offers.

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