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A custom knife can be ordered for any number of reasons, from needing a specific type of hunting knife to adding a company logo for personalized business gifts. For online help ordering custom knives to match your business and sports needs.

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A custom knife for a business gift is an excellent idea. Most custom knives made for businesses are small pocket knives that can be ordered with a company logo or slogan. These usually include a small blade, file, and scissors, or other everyday tools that customers will use over and over everyday. An example is the custom Zippo knife, which is small, elegant, and practical, and a smart business gift for potential clients or friends.

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Most knife companies will make a custom knife or even a custom knife sheath for its customers if the design is within reason. Usually, they are limited by what they can do by the materials and tools they have on hand and the final cost to the consumer. If the cost is too high, most companies will refuse to do the knife—not because the knife design is bad, but because they do not have the facilities to make a reasonably priced custom knife.

A good way to find out if a company will make your knife is to first become familiar with their catalogue. If you see a knife that is similar to the one you want, and would only require a few modifications, the odds are good they will make your custom knife. You can expect a custom made knife to be slightly more expensive than a stock knife, but the price will be worth it if you can have the exact knife you want.

There are also custom knife makers who usually operate on a very small scale. Because they are limited in what they can produce, they sometimes specialize in a few basic styles of knives, such as a particular style of custom folding knife or custom hunting knife.

The knives a custom knife maker creates are significantly more expensive than brand-name knives, but they are also individually crafted and often offer a much higher quality of knife than factory-made knives. Also, if the knife smith is well known and has a good reputation, their knives tend to have a high resale value, and are often sought-after collector's items within a few years of purchase.


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