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A combat knife should be long enough to be used as a tool, sharp enough to be used as a weapon, and durable enough to resist corrosion in even the toughest conditions. Learn about what makes great combat knives for military and tactical needs.

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Because soldiers have to be able to carry everything they need, a soldier's tools should be able to serve many functions. A combat knife is no different. It should be long and wide enough to use as a tool, around five and a half to seven and a half inches long.

Also, some features on a combat knife may seem practical, but really are superfluous. For instance, a small, serrated part of the knife is very useful for quickly cutting things like nylon cord, but saw teeth, as seen on the Rambo knife, may not be as useful as one would think. After all, it is quicker and easier to chop or chisel through wood with a heavy knife than to saw it.

Combat Knife
A combat knife should also be easy to get to in an emergency. Although there are many excellent folding combat knives on the market, many agree a fixed blade knife is better in combat for many reasons. For one, they are sturdier, so they are less prone to break in the field. It is also easier to get to the blade in a combat situation. As easy as modern folding knives are to access, the small amount of time it takes opening the blade could be the difference between winning a fight and losing one.

Also, combat knives should not give off any glare. A glint from the sun on a knife could easily give away your position, giving the enemy an unwanted advantage. A bead-blasted finish or dark coating should solve this problem. A good example of this kind of knife is the Satin Jack by the Busse Combat knife company.

A tactical combat knife should also have a good, solid guard, like the blade made from bead blasted or coated steel. This will protect the hand from knife blows from an opponent, as well as protect the handle from anything that could cause the knife to slip.

A combat knife military personnel use should also be free from markings, which could give an enemy valuable knowledge of your location or position if lost or left behind. Some knife manufacturers have responded to this aspect of combat; Gerber Knife Company's Silver Trident knives can be ordered without markings, for example. That line also boasts the most durable and comfortable handle on a combat knife ever produced.

Most major knife makers will make a custom combat knife for a small fee. Also, there are some independent knife makers who may be able to work on new designs with custom specifications, but these knives are usually significantly more expensive than brand name combat knives.

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