Legendary Gerber Pocket Knives and Hunting Knives

The Gerber Knife Company is dedicated to bringing you some of the most innovative, brilliant designs in the knife industry. Learn about Gerber knives, multitools, products, and warranties.

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A leading knife company, Gerber Knife stays at the forefront of knife design by employing engineers with unique backgrounds and, most importantly, extensive experience using the kinds of knives they design. Because of this, a Gerber knife can be relied on to give excellent performance for whatever the task you need.

Gerber sells a wide variety of styles and types of knives to tackle a range of needs. For example, the Gerber hunting knife E-Z ZipT has a very unique, curved design to allow you to quickly and easily field dress game, while their more traditional FreemanT Hunter has all of the qualities of an excellent drop point hunting knife.

Gerber Knife
The Gerber knife tool lines are also very advanced, from their unique Nautilus multitool to their lines of flashlights, Multi-Pliers, Auto-Pliers, and attachments. With a Gerber tool, you can do almost anything.

Gerber makes all sorts of outdoors knives, including the River line of Gerber dive knife, to the simple, single bladed Gerber pocket knife series Silver Knight®.

Gerber blade designs are created for use in rugged situations, and because of this, they offer a lifetime limited warranty to the original purchaser for any knife they make.

Because of their commitment to creating new designs for outdoor knives, Gerber has discontinued the production of the Gerber kitchen knife. This is good news for people who want an innovative, tough multitool, fishing knife, or tactical knife, but not for cooks who enjoy the strength and sharpness of a Gerber blade.

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