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The Puma Knife Company makes some of the world's most sought-after knives. Discover more about Puma knives designs, warranties, and low prices online.

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The Puma Knife Company makes some of the best outdoor knives on the market, including their excellent and innovative Puma hunting knife line, which their highly successful Puma Cougar knife, Puma Hunters Companion knife, and Puma Bowie knife. Located in the German knife capital of Solingen, Puma has a long tradition of collaboration and innovation in the knifemaking field.

An innovative design that Puma has created is the Puma Knife System. Puma System knives feature interchangeable blades that can be easily and quickly mounted in the handle.

Puma Knife

The Puma System includes blades in the styles of all of Puma's most popular knives, including the Puma Fishing knife, which has a filet blade, a scaler, and a fish spear, and the Great White Hunter system, which includes their ever-popular White Hunter blade, a drop-point hunting knife, and a hunting saw.

Since it was founded in 1769, Puma has experimented with several new blade styles and materials, including the Puma ceramic knife Protec, or the Damascus steel of the Puma Medici Damast.

Puma knives feature a five year limited warranty from defects in factory workmanship or defects. They also offer a line of knife sharpeners, polishes, and cleaners to help take care of their knives.

For more information on products and care, go to the Puma Knife website.



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