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A survival knife should be able to serve many purposes in the outdoors, able to handle the stress of hunting, chopping, and cutting with ease. Learn about good survival knives. Designs, get low prices online.

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A good survival knife should be made from high-carbon, spring tempered steel. This is a very strong kind of steel that will not break or chip when used for heavy cutting or chopping. This kind of steel also has excellent edge retention, which means less sharpening.

The survival knife should also have a durable, weatherproof handle that will resist slipping. Many survival knives, like the Buck knife survival Nighthawk® have rubberized grips that will keep the knife firmly in your hand when using. It is also extremely versatile. It is long enough to use as a machete and its sharp modified clip point blade is perfect for using as a hunting knife.

Survival Knife
Another multipurpose survival knife is the airman's survival knife. Smaller and more compact than most survival knives, the airman style is a variation on the Bowie knife, usually around five to six inches, with a sawtooth or serrated back. This knife is good for hunting, cutting cord, and for self defense. It is a tactical, hunting, and survival knife all in one.

In the 1980s, the idea of the survival knife was associated with the Rambo knife. This type of knife is impractical for many reasons. For one, the hollow handle weakens the blade, increasing the chance that the knife may break. Even though it compactly holds matches, fishing line, and has a compass, any of these things can be easily carried in a pocket or in a backpack. A survival knife should have a full tang to keep it from breaking.

A knife that was featured in a movie that is a practical survival knife is the Beck Wilderness Survival Knife, which was featured in the movie "The Hunted." Designed by survival expert Tom Brown Jr., it has a durable construction of high-carbon steel and a Micarta grip. This efficient knife can be used as a saw, a hatchet, or a hunting knife. Dave Beck has stopped making this knife for Tom Brown. It is now manufactured by TOPs as the Tom Brown Tracker, and can be purchased with a smaller companion knife called the Tom Brown Tracker Scout.

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