MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower and Snow Throwers

Clear snow from your patio, deck, sidewalk and driveway easily with MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blowers.

No matter how small or large your driveway may be, MTD Yard Machines have snowblowers or snowthrowers that will fit your needs.

There are four models of MTD Yard Machines Single Stage snow blowers and snow throwers. They are:

  • 31 AM2N1B700
  • 31A-020-900
  • 31A-2M1A700
  • 31B-040-800

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These four models offer either a 12.5-inch show thrower or 21-inch snow blower with either electronic start, recoil start or come with a power cord and must be plugged into the wall.

21-Inch MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blowers

The two models of 21-inch MTD Yard Machines Single Stage snowblowers include the 31AM2N1B700 and the 31A-2M1A700. While these models offer similar features, they also have specific differences.

The 31A-2M1A700 clears a 21-inch path and handles powdery snow up to 10 inches deep. This model uses a recoil engine to start, but the pull cord handle is extra large allowing you to pull the cord even with thick gloves covering your hands. The 179cc OHV four-cycle engine has separate gas and oil chambers eliminating the need to combine gas and oil before they are added. Other features include:

  • 180-degree rotating snow blower chute
  • 5-inch chute is made from polymers that prevent clogging or freezing
  • Comes with engine oil
  • Scraper blade is easily replaced and can be reversed as needed
  • Two year warranty

The 31AM2N1B700 is extremely similar in looks and design, but replaces the pull start system with a push button electric starter. The MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower starts easily every time.

12.5-Inch MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Throwers

MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower and Snow Thrower models also come in 12.5-inch auger sizes. These smaller machines are suitable for light snow fall, patios, decks and sidewalks. They also effectively clear smaller driveways or parking spaces.

The MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower model number 31B-040-800 has an 8.5 amp, electric motor. You must plug it into an outdoor or garage outlet to operate, but MTD's CordMinder system keeps the cord held out of your way and prevents tangles. Other features of the 31B-040-800 are:

  • Electric starter
  • Ergonomic handle with two levels for better maneuverability
  • Six inch intake height on snowblower
  • Three-position chute allows you to direct where the snow is thrown
  • Two year warranty
  • Weighs 20 pounds making it easy to store

The smaller MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower model 31A-200-900 offers the same clearing width and intake height, but is more compact than the other 12.5-inch snow thrower. This model offers a folding handle for easier storage and features fixed throttle control. Other features include:

  • 6.75 amp electric motor
  • Two year warranty
One of the biggest differences between these two snow thrower models is the loss of chute positioning in the 31A-200-900 MTD Yard Machines Single Stage Snow Blower. If you must control where the snow ends up, you should take a look at the other models.

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