MTD Snow Blower ... Gas, Electric MTD Snow Thrower Winter Workhorses

MTD snow blower models range from 3.5 hp to over 8 hp, gas or electric driven, single stage or two stage snow blower, performance designed for winter snow removal.

Guide To Performance MTD Snow Blower Models. MTD snow thrower models include brand MTD, Yard Man, and Yard Machines. Look over some leading MTD snow blowers including:-

  • MTD Yard Machines 3.5 HP Single Stage Snow Blower. The 3.5 HP MTD snow blower, branded “Yard Machines”, produces a 21 inch snow path, meanwhile with its 190-degree adjustable rotating throw chute the MTD Yard Machines 3.5 HP Single Stage Snow Blower can throw snow up to 30 feet to one side. With this model, you’ll handle fairly serious snow falls, with an intake height of 11 inches, and an auger drive mechanism which pulls snow and ice up the 5 inch impeller chute. The 2-cycle engine means oil-and-gas mixes, but you get one forward gear.

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MTD Snow Blowers
  • MTD 5.0 HP Single Stage Snow Thrower. The MTD 31AS285-801 Yard Man 5.0 hp snow thrower combines compact engineering with winter time performance ... electric starts ... a 11 inch intake height combines creates a 21 inch snow clearing path ... a reliable powerful 4-cycle Tecumseh gas engine ... auger power assist movement for this walk behind MTD 5.0 HP Single Stage Snow Thrower.
  • MTD 5.5 HP Two Stage Snow Thrower. The 112 pound compact MTD 5.5 HP Two Stage Snow Thrower cuts a 22 inch snow path, powered by the recoil-start 5.5 hp Snow King winterized engine, and offers one forward gear. With this model, consider buying an accessory halogen light for low light work conditions.
  • MTD Two Stage Snow Blower With Electric Start 8 HP. Deep snow poses no problem for the MTD Two Stage Snow Blower With Electric Start 8 HP, with a 21 inch intake height, producing a 26 inch clear cut through the heaviest snow and ice. The 4-cycle 8 hp Tecumseh engine offers electric-assist starts, plus six forward and two reverse gears for maximum terrain coverage. This MTD snow thrower offers multiple throw chute settings, along the 180-degree setting arc.
  • MTD Snow Thrower 10 HP. The MTD White Outdoor 10 hp snow thrower produces a 28 inch snow clear path ... powered by the 10 hp 4-cycle Tecumseh engine ... 210 pounds curb weight ... standard issue halogen light ... six forward plus two reverse gears ... 21 inch auger intake height ... terrain climbing 16 inch Snow Hog tires. The MTD Snow Thrower 10 HP springs to life with push button electric starts for reliable winter time performance.

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