Affordable Pet Health Insurance - Low Cost Vet Insurance For Your Pets

With the rising cost of veterinary services, affordable pet health insurance plans do save you money over the life of your pet. Many companies allow you to customize a medical pet insurance policy so that you get the coverage you need. Pet insurance plans may cover emergency care only or offer a lasting solution to the high cost of yearly vaccinations and spay/neuter fees.

Many veterinarians recommend VPI and ASPCA's affordable pet health insurance plans. They provide great coverage while keeping insurance premiums as low as possible.

Typical Cost of Care for a New Puppy or Kitten

Many veterinarians throughout the country charge a fee just to see the veterinarian. This fee often runs as high as $50 and only covers having the veterinarian weigh your pet and do a quick exam. Blood tests, vaccinations, x-rays, medications and other important veterinary procedures rapidly increase your vet bill.

The average cost for the three critical dog vaccines (Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies) is $40 to $50. For cats, the three important vaccines (FVRCP, Feline Leukemia and Rabies) is $50 to $60. Additional vaccinations may be required if you pet travels with you to other states or countries or is kenneled at any point in a year.

Spaying or Neutering Costs

Responsible pet owners will also need to pay to have their pet spayed or neutered. Neutering is the easier of the two procedures because there is no incision into the abdomen. Therefore a neutering costs less, usually $150 to $300 depending on the veterinarian's location, the animal's size and whether you have a dog or cat.

Spaying your female dog or cat is more involved because a surgical incision is large enough to remove the entire uterus. This procedure runs from $75 to $400 depending on the animal's size and your veterinarian's location. Prices tend to be higher in areas lacking competition.

In that first year of your new pet's life, you'll spend an average of $250 to $600 just on vaccinations, boosters, well-check visits and having your animal fixed. If an emergency occurs, such as your pet ingests a poisonous substance, you'll be paying thousands.

How Pet Insurance Works

With an affordable pet insurance plan, emergency care is usually covered. You can purchase discount pet insurance riders to cover vaccinations, check ups and the spay or neuter. With the highly rated Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), extended pet health insurance coverage on a new puppy averages $35 to $50 per month. In that first year, you'll save money and know your veterinary bills are covered for both expected and emergency care.

With any pet health insurance policy, you pay your veterinarian out of your own pocket. When you get home, submit the bill to the low cost pet insurance company and you'll receive reimbursement in a few days.

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