Baseball Batting Cages for better Performance

Baseball batting cages release the hitting potential of your players. Learn about baseball batting cage frame design, construction, what to look for in batting cage nets so that your baseball and softball hitters reach the next skill levels. Online baseball equipment specialists offering custom and off the shelf battings cages at everyday low prices.

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Who's going to be the next Ted Williams or George Brett o your team, hitting for average and accuracy over years of play? Find out by taking the first step inside your own baseball batting cage, a self contained player development environment that allows you to safely practice hitting techniques.

    Baseball Batting Cage
  • High Volume Hitting. Your key benefit when training inside your baseball batting cage is the sheer volume of pitches and ‘cuts' you can take, especially when compared to taking batting practice out on the field where balls have to be retrieved by a number of players in order to let a single batter practice. Batters can concentrate on stance, experiment with a variety of grips on their baseball bat, and rapidly refine their hitting swing. Inside your baseball batting cage you can take live pitching or work off a pitching machine. Hitters and coaches get rapid feedback and ‘information' from inside the batting cage because the batting cage nets instantly react to contact from the ball, allowing coaches and batters to further analyze what's going right and wrong during the batting swing.
  • Frame Designs To Know About. While budget and money issues invariably constrain any purchase of baseball gear, you should get a basic understanding of baseball batting cage frame designs in order to see what impact it might have on your training program. Batting cage frame designs, based on light weight tubing materials especially in the plastics family or light gauge metal piping, essentially create an ‘open' rectangular box. The key to look for is a batting cage frame with substantial cross-members in the upper most plane, where the batting cage nets are drawn tight in order to transfer the load and to hang correctly off the sides. Too little cross members and your nets will pull inwards or billow, to cause problems for hitters.
  • Basic Sizes of Baseball Batting Cages. If you remove the custom build models, then you're looking at market standard baseball batting cages in the range of 12-feet wide by around 14-feet high and either 55-feet or around 70-feet in length. To mirror game situations, coaches can actually locate the baseball batting cage directly over the pitching mound. Similarly, players can practice against a pitching machine, positioned a game standard 60-feet away from the home plate. Look amongst a number of custom manufactures such as Iron Mike pitching machines and baseball batting cages.
How To Determine The Right Batting Cage Nets . First determine whether your batting cage will be placed indoors, outdoors or both. If your batting cage equipment remains indoors, then you've removed the major break-down factors which are water absorption and rot along with ultraviolet sunlight damage. In turn, an indoor baseball batting cage does not need the higher cost cage nets made with UV resistant polymers. You can pick low cost nylons and get great value for many years. Outdoor baseball batting cages present wear out risk factors. For outdoors portable batting cages, you'll be looking for water and UV resistant materials such as polyethylene, HDPE or proprietary Kevlar compounds. Be sure to ask for water and UV resistant nets; for example polyethylene resists water, however unless impregnated with special polymer additives, will rapidly break down when exposed to UV radiation and sunlight.



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