DeMarini Baseball Equipment

Complete your softball and baseball gear needs with a one stop shop at DeMarini. DeMarini baseball bats in tough maple and hickory, slow pitch and fast pitch softball bats in alloy and composite, DeMarini gloves, baseball caps and T shirts and much more in total performance equipment for players.

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Hitting And Fielding Advantage Of DeMarini Baseball Bats And Gloves

Market leader DeMarini commits its design and engineering resources to constantly create performance oriented softball and baseball equipment focused on giving players better results and skill gains. Look over a sampling of the softball and baseball equipment areas served by the innovative DeMarini company.

    DeMarini Baseball Equipment
  • Baseball Bats. Players from youth to adult reach for the DeMarini hickory and maple baseball bat line. Two piece construction with a slender composite handle for sure grip and great balance, the DeMarini wood baseball bats are famous for their balance and recoil against incoming pitches. DeMarini offers weights and lengths to match any player's needs, from 30 inch to 35 inch length models, and weights ranging from 32 to 34 ounce. Youth baseball bats commence at around 15 ½ ounce with bat lengths of 29 inch to 32 inches.
  • Fast Pitch Softball Bats. Imagine ‘tuning' your fast pitch softball bat to the poly core compression rating of the 12 inch softball itself! That's precisely how far DeMarini design and engineering takes the product development process. Special purpose alloy, two piece construction, use of exotic composite materials are only some of the design elements structured into high performance DeMarini fast pitch softball bats. DeMarini bat sizes run the spectrum of player needs, from 17 ounce to 28 ounce weights, and bat lengths ranging more narrowly between 32 inch to 34 inch.
  • Slow Pitch Softball Bats. Reflecting the different pitching speeds in the slow pitch game, DeMarini slow pitch softball bats expand hitters' sweet spot, with bat weight up to 30 ounces and bat lengths to 34 inches. You'll get remarkable flex and recoil from your DeMarini softball bat, known for the power delivered into hitters' game. Expect composite or alloy construction, one or two wall construction, in hard wearing performance DeMarini slow pitch softball bats.
  • Baseball Gloves. Playing both ends of the baseball diamond, DeMarini designs not only market leading bats but also high quality baseball gloves in order to give defenders a better chance at catching the balls coming off opponent's DeMarini bats. DeMarini meets DeMarini on many playing fields. DeMarini standards for dedsign and construction remain at the highest level, with performance gloves offered in all leather or leather plus synthetics. You get great fitment, with baseball glove ranging in size from 12 ½ inch to 14 inch. Look for moisture control padding and mesh materials.
  • Softballs, Caps And T Shirts. DeMarini softballs in either all leather, synthetic, as well as white and optic yellow, 11 inch or 12 inch sizes create yet another all- DeMarini presence on the playing field. Meanwhile, teams can order custom DeMarini baseball caps and softball T shirts and jerseys, knowing that you'll get great looks and long life. See for expanded company details.



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