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Get facts, reviews and fitting advice on baseball gloves. Online baseball equipment specialists offer extensive sizes, models for every playing position. Major market leading brands include Rawlings, Nike, Mizuno, Easton and more with everyday low online prices for your baseball glove.

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The Right Baseball Gloves Make That Performance Difference

Baseball gear has come a long way since the early 20th century days when Cy Young was recording his 500 th pitching win or Honus Wagner entered the record books as the first 3,000 hit player. Making the design change were baseball gloves, moving from primitive almost farm-yard style mitts to sophisticated 21 st century materials blends designed to optimize every defensive player position while taking away from hitters.

    Baseball Gloves
  • Tips On Sizing. Each ball player's hand size and playing position will be chief factors when determining the best baseball glove. Your hand needs to extend comfortably into each finger hole of your baseball glove, without butting up against the end. Similarly, you should have enough ‘wiggle room' within your baseball glove to permit the insertion of a thin cushioning padding piece, particularly important in the training and pre-season period where ball player's hands are ‘soft', yet need to be protected from bruising.
  • Glove Length And Weight. Since baseball gloves vary enormously by player position, you can select from infielder gloves at around 10 inches overall length to first base gloves bearing lengths of over 14 inches. More length, more material equals more weight on the hand. The smaller infielders baseball glove carries a shallow ‘pocket' which permits the player to easily scoop out the ball and make a rapid throw to first or complete a double-play action with quickness and efficiency. An outfielders glove is deep pocket designed, with longer finger lengths than an infielder's glove, in order to capture-and-hold long balls. The most radical departure of on-field glove designs is the catchers mitt, which is deeply padded, yet due to the use of composites and leather gives the catcher remarkable ‘touch' and flexibility.

Tips For Buying A Great Baseball Glove

Consider the following short list of buying and maintenance tips for getting the best baseball gloves for yourself or your team.

  • How Much Padding Is Right? Too much padding means your glove will not ‘feel' the ball, leaving you with a clumsy piece of gear that will result in errors and diminished confidence. Pick a baseball glove with maximum flexibility and ease of opening and closing. Your better gloves will have a layer of high compression padding throughout the pocket area, as well as padding that extends part way up the thumb and fingers, without moving past the second digit which would make for too stiff action.
  • Break-In And Maintenance. Traditionalists will claim that the best way to ‘break-in' your baseball glove is to first treat it with a leather conditioner. Next, place a ball inside the pocket, and then lightly tie the glove into a wrap-around position. In short order your glove will become ‘shaped' to the actual size of a baseball. Periodically, reapply softening leather soap or conditioning oils in order to maintain the quality of your leather and to avoid cracking and tears.
  • Major Leading Brands. Baseball gloves designed by market leaders such as Nike, Rawlings, Mizuno, Nokona, SSK, Easton, Akadema are your first line of product choices online. However, if you have unique needs and want a more exacting design, then explore the online resources for custom baseball glove manufacture.


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