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Don't chase a fly ball or take an at-bat to find out your baseball sunglasses don't work. Get the best in lightweight, smart looking baseball sunglasses with the latest optics technology from online baseball gear sports sunglass specialists.

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Getting The Right ‘Look' And ‘Vision' With Performance Baseball Sunglasses

It doesn't take a famed Willy Mays over the shoulder running catch in deep center field to convince you that ‘seeing the ball' is everything, and performance baseball sunglasses deliver on that promise. Before getting just any pair of drug store shades because they're cheap and convenient, consider your performance issues on the playing field, what you're trying to accomplish and avoid, and how quality baseball sunglasses might deliver that key point of difference that separates your play from your opponents.

  • Optical Lens Are Your Vision Key To Performance. Don't wait for a lesson from Isaac Newton on optics physics to inform you that light bends, curves, becomes absorbed, refracted or reflected subject to the surfaces and materials involved. When all this comes to hitting a curve ball that suddenly ‘drops off the end of the table' or a knuckleball from Hoyt Wilhelm that wobbles and drifts towards you or a smoking fast ball over 90 MPH, then you'll concede the point that your baseball sunglass lens had better be as close to perfect as you can afford. You're dealing in split-seconds, where your vision and your batting reaction have to perfectly match. Only the most technologically advanced baseball glasses lens in plastic can match the optical quality of a pure glass lens.
  • Light Conditions Vary So What Lens To Select. Leaving the ‘cool' look aside, you need to wear light gray or equivalent rated baseball sunglasses when the weather is overcast or partly cloudy, which also means partly sunny. A significant percentage of the light spectrum will pass uninterrupted through your lens. As light conditions intensify, your baseball sunglasses should allow you to ‘switch lens' to a darker filtered lens, in darker gray or golds. You get great detail and image resolution, yet some of the harsher light frequencies are filtered. Managers and players rule of thumb is that you should never wear too dark baseball sunglasses, because your playing performance will deteriorate.
  • Prescription And Photo Chromatic Light Adjusting Lens. Not all players, young or old, have perfect 20-20 vision or even better hitting vision like the famed Ted Williams who could literally see the seams and logo on the incoming ball. Rather, you might qualify for baseball sunglasses with prescription lens. Here's what to do. Select a major sports sunglass model, then contact the online vision professionals in order to see if custom baseball sunglasses can be manufactured, with the fames and lens shape you've selected. If so, then order either a single focal strength or maximum bifocal baseball sunglasses lens to fit. However, to give you light filtering, you'll need to order some form of proprietary photo chromatic lens treatment such as Nikon or Transitions offer.
  • Keeping Your Baseball Sunglasses On. Baseball equipment specialists advise that your sunglasses should offer no slip nose guard plus gripper pads on the frame's stems. You'll be running and you can't allow your sunglasses to fall or jump about your face or you'll commit damaging errors.
Fit To Your Baseball Helmet . Baseball sunglasses must be wide enough to fit your face, long enough to wrap over or rest upon your ears and, of course, fit comfortably underneath your batting helmet. Check to get a low profile baseball sunglass frame as custom designed by market leaders such as Nike or Oakley.


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