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Get the best youth baseball gloves and boost player performance and fun. Learn about youth baseball glove designs, sizing, breaking in gloves and mitts, glove lacing, care and maintenance tips plus get everyday low online and discount prices from baseball supplies specialists.

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Youth Baseball Gloves – Making Successful Ball Players

Since the earliest days of baseball in the 1830's, players have been seeking to get more playing performance out of their baseball gear in order to gain some definite advantage over the competition. As American culture became enriched and free time and recreational sport emerged for men, women and youth, there was a logical technology push into the realm of baseball equipment for each player segment. Youth baseball gloves now combine the very best in 21st century design and manufacturing standards. Look over the following guide to youth baseball glove designs for Little League hardball play as well as softball.

    Youth Baseball Glove
  • Youth Baseball Glove Sizing. Youth baseball gloves mirror the professional market, in terms of high quality workmanship, and offer a wide range of glove sizes based on each manufacturer's product line. Similar to their market leader competitors, a top Nokona youth baseball glove or catchers mitt may start as small a 9 inches or be offered at 10 inches, 10 ½ inches, 10 ¾ inches, 11 inches or more.
  • Look For Protective Padding. Leading designs such as Rawlings youth baseball gloves and catchers mitts offer young players increased hand and finger protection in the form of high compression padding. Look for low-profile yet high impact resistant padding in the palm area as well as extended through the finger well area at least to the second digit.
  • Design Construction And Materials Choices. All the leading youth baseball glove brands including Wilson, Nokona, Rawlings, Mizuno, Akadema, SSK, Easton and others offer players a multitude of uniquely designed gloves. Popular amongst players are the glove designs featuring slid two bar webbing, where solid leather strips combine with rawhide lacing to give you a flexible yet deep pocket. In order to reduce weight and improve handling, some youth baseball gloves are manufactured with an all leather front blended with a synthetic or composite back mesh panel. Look for models where your son or daughter can get a solid Velcro closure for a sure fit around the wrist.
  • Breaking In Baseball Gloves. Each glove manufacturer may have a slightly different strategy for caring and maintaining equipment. However, your best move is to lightly oil your glove (tanners glove oil, Vaseline, saddle soap), place a ball into the pocket area, then tie off the pocket with a string or cord. Wait several days, and voila you'll have a well formed pocket which will give you reliable response and improved on field play. Like adult models, youth baseball gloves require ongoing maintenance such as lightly oiling periodically, plus storage in dark, dry cool areas. Don't attempt to ‘water proof' your glove by using silicone sprays, as these chemicals close the leather's pores, resulting in drying and cracking and irreparable damage. Also, avoid ‘drying' your glove in front of a heater, rather than towel dry and then let it slowly dry without interference.
Major Brands To Check Out. In the youth baseball glove market segment, akin to the adult sports equipment categories, stay with the market leader brands such as Wilson, Easton, SSK, Akadema, Nokona, Rawlings, Mizuno, or Nike. In the event that your need custom baseball gloves for unique situations, then utilize expert advice and online baseball supplies specialists to guide your purchases.



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