Commuting With A Fold Up Bike ... Folding Commuter Bicycle

Need exercise? Don't like driving and parking hassles? Solution is the new breed of folding bicycle that's easy to maneuver, gets unlimited miles to the gallon, quickly folds for light weight easy safe storage as the ultimate commuter bicycle.

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Foldable Bicycle - Going Low Weight High Tech To Work. Fold bike designs resolve the daily stress associated with modern urban commuting.

* Design Exploits Small Wheel Maneuverability. Fold bicycles avoid the cumbersome large wheels of "traditional" bike designs ... in order to easily fit on trains, buses or your closet at home or work. Meanwhile, folding bicycle riders give up nothing in terms of "street cred" ... easily handling traffic ... light weight for rapid acceleration ... quality components for safety and braking performance.

Dahon Folding Bicycle

* Light Weight Easy Handling. New breed of collapsible bicycle designs generally hit the scales between 19 lbs. to 25 lbs. fully equipped ... almost the same as conventional bike weights.

* What Creates The "Fold" In Collapsible Bike Designs? Carefully positioned hinges, with quick release mechanisms located on the frame, make for 20-second "break downs" for most popular foldable commuter bikes seen on urban roads.

Getting The Perfect Size Folding Bicycle. The key design attribute of a foldable bike is the extended rear seat post and front handle tube. Why is this important? Riders of any body type, body length can quickly create the optimum comfortable riding position. Getting the ideal fold bicycle fit is as simple as adjusting the quick-release clamps on either the seat post or the handle bar post ... then slide the seat or handle bars to the correct position.

Fold Up Bike Key Accessories – Commuters' Folding Bike Case. Where to place your laptop ... your briefcase ... your change of clothes ... your brief case? Right in the easy-install folding bike bag, sized to carry a typical commuter's work day gear, yet designed to integrate safely with your fold up bike design. Folding bike case designs are just right for getting through turnstiles, ticket areas or storing your bike beneath a train seat.

How Small Does The Foldable Bike Get? Models vary but don't be surprised that your light weight fully loaded collapsible bike "folds" down into virtually hand-bag size at 31 X 22 X 10.


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