Golf Ball – New and Used Golf Balls

Do you need golf balls? Whether you are looking for a few quality brand name balls or just a bunch of cheap or used balls for practice, get information on the best golf balls and where to find the best deals.

Find, Compare, and Buy Golf Balls in Seconds

As long as you know what you want out of a golf ball, this article will help you find exactly what you are looking for. From Titleist to Callaway to Nike, you can find these used or new if you read on.

Used Golf Balls

  • If you want to practice your drive in the backyard and you don't want to worry about losing your balls, used golf balls are the best option. However, don't be fooled by the fact that they are used. Many used golf balls are actually in excellent condition and will play just like new balls and save you money as well.

You can find used golf balls online at Golf Ball Zone, Only Golf Balls, KnetGolf or many others. If you can't find what you are looking for in these websites, simply run a search on Google for used golf balls.

Golf Balls

Brand Name Golf Balls

New brand name golf balls are the easiest to come by. Any major sports superstore like Sports Authority or their online store will carry new brand name golf balls. You can also find new balls at other online sports stores like Golfsmith or the Golf Ball Place.

Your best bet is to check out specs on specific brand name balls by Callaway, Titleist, Nike, MaxFli or other major names on their websites. Then you can find and purchase the exact model you want at the sports stores listed above.

Custom Balls – Logo or Personalized

  • Custom balls make a great gift for a friend or loved one who plays golf. Golf balls with sports team logos, personalized prints or patriotic symbols can be found or custom ordered online. Some of the websites that cater to custom orders are Personalized Golf Balls, Customized Golf Balls or Identity Links.


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