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Fly fishing is one of the world's fastest growing sports. Growing popularity is driven by the experience, ambient mood and core essence of fishing.

Out alone in the wilds, fishing reestablishes man's relationship with nature. Fly fishing can place the participant in some of the most breathtaking wilderness areas, yet at the same time it can be done in your town's local river. Fishing remains rich with options for how you allocate vacation time plus the sport is equally rich in diverse and spectacular locations.

Fly Fishing
Fishing is also a game of predator versus prey, with the reward being a beautiful and spectacular fish that is not easily come by. The hustle and bustle of fast-paced daily life can be comfortably thwarted by a slower tempo fishing sport vacation. In order to do the sport, your equipment necessities are relatively basic, including rod and reel and lure and location.

Fly fishing originated with the straight-forward observation that flies feed on the surface of a body of water. As flies hunt for microscopic prey, they become prey themselves for the various fish species living just below the water line. Co-evolved with their fly prey, fish will ignore baited-lures, preferring instead live food on the surface. The first recorded account of fly fishing comes from around 200 AD, by the Roman traveler Claudius Aelianus. He described how people fishing on the River Astraeus in Macedonia forwent the common notion of a normally baited line and, "instead they fasten red wool round a hook and tie to the wool tow wax-colored feather that grow under a cock's wattles. Then they throw their fly on to the water, and then the fish become very excited, and come straight at it, expecting a succulent mouthful."

Equipment choices range from entry level basics to the most sophisticated materials used for rods and reels and lines and lures. All you need to know next is how to find the fish.

When becoming acquainted with the sport, it is often wise to hire a fly fishing guide who can lead you through basics of fishing strategy which may include how to pick the right location in terms of water depth, color and movement. Your guide can further describe where fish congregate in rivers, lakes, or oceans, the effects of temperature and daylight, tides, winds and even shore line sounds. A great degree of technical skill is involved in casting and reeling your line, which your guide can lead you through in order to master this key element of the sport.

A fly fishing vacation can be a great introduction into the sport. Your vacation can be inclusive of guide services. There are many vacation retreats and lodges all over North America that offer seasoned guides and other amenities that ensure you'll get an enjoyable vacation. A world of enjoyment and relaxation awaits you in this sport .


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