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Anglers from every corner of the world find cane fishing rods to be of superior quality. Most cane fishing poles are crafted from bamboo cane, though other mediums like switch cane or giant cane. Some people even craft their fishing poles out of sugar cane!

When a company builds a cane fishing pole, they look for cane that has no cracks. Most cane must be at least 2 ½ inches thick. If you are building your own cane fishing rods, hollow cane that is no more than an inch thick can be used for an inexpensive alternative. Simply dry it under a heater and sand the cane down. Skip cutting it into strips and reforming. It won't be pretty, but a hollow cane fishing rod will be functional. Just make sure you dry it.

Drying the Cane

The first step to crafting a bamboo cane fishing pole involves drying the cane. Heat lamps and blow dryers are used to dry the cane. The process takes time and patience. In fact, most fishing rods take up to 100 hours to complete.

Properly drying the cane enhances the durability of the cane used to build the fishing rod combo. It strengthens the cane used to craft the pole and prevents future cracking or warping.

Cutting Strips of Bamboo Cane

Once the cane has dried, strips of cane are carved and then sanded so that they have 60 degree edges. This allows the cane to be glued together into an octagonal or hexagonal cane fishing rod. The edges must be tight to prevent warping.

The strips are then dried again and then glued using a heavy duty epoxy. Clamps hold the strips into proper formation while they dry.

Sanding the Cane Fishing Rod

Before attaching the fishing rod reel, sand the entire fishing pole with a fine sandpaper. This removes anything that could snag your clothing or skin. Attach the fishing reel and fishing line holders to the unit.

Providing a company dries the cane fishing pole properly, the pole will provide a lifetime of fishing enjoyment. Stores like Orvis and Cabela sell outstanding cane fishing rods.

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