Collapsible Fishing Rod or Pole

Collapsible fishing rods take up little space in your car, baggage or at home. You may have heard that the compact fishing poles break easily or never telescope properly, but that's not true. Companies like Compact Fishing Gear sell quality collapsible fishing poles in a variety of styles and sizes using carbon fibers, titanium guides and cork handles.

A collapsible fishing rod extends to the typical fishing pole size of six to eight feet, but collapses while not in use. The telescopic fishing rod and reel combo fit nicely into a briefcase, backpack, car trunk or luggage. You can take your pole with you on vacations, business trips or simply on your day trip.

How Collapsible Fishing Poles Work

With a telescopic collapsible fishing rod, the pole is segmented and telescopes outward to become fully extended. When you no longer need the collapsible fishing pole out, you push it back into itself. It goes from being fully extended to no more than 18 inches long.

Other collapsible fishing rods contain segments that screw together. The fishing rod comes in a handy storage case when not in use. The one downfall to this form is that you do have to remove the fishing line first and then restring it when you need it.

Collapsible Fishing Rod Companies

Alegra collapsible fishing poles from Germany are crafted from diamond carbon fibers ensuring their strength. Cork handles allow you to feel when a fish strikes. Many online fishing supply stores sell the Alegra fishing pole models.

The Coleman FishPen boasts being the “world's smallest fishing pole.” The pen-sized collapsible fishing rod includes a small reel, fishing line and tackle. It is a lightweight fishing rod and not suitable for fish over a few pounds in weight.

Compact Fishing Gear sells saltwater fishing rods. They also sell fishing poles for light and medium weights. All fishing rods and reels are backed by a one-year warranty.

Diabolo collapsible fishing rods include carbon tips and diamond carbon poles. Silicon fishing line guides provide strength when a fish is on the line. The poles are affordable and easy to use.

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