Fenwick Fishing Rods

Fenwick fishing rods include many fishing rods and reels favored by skilled anglers. The company started in the 1940s when soldiers returning from the war turned to fishing as a favored hobby. At this same time, fiberglass was new to the market. A group of businessmen realized the potential of using fiberglass in fishing pole blanks and founded a fly fishing pole company using fiberglass.

The new company launched our of an empty residential garage near Lake Fenwick, hence the company name. Eventually, they outgrew the garage and moved to a larger facility. Business again increased in the 1970s when graphite rods became available. The strong, lightweight material created outstanding fly fishing poles.

Today, Fenwick sells fishing rods for fly fishing, freshwater and saltwater fishing. They sell trolling rods, casting rods and spinning rods.

Fenwick Fishing Rods and Reels for Fly Fishing

Fenwick sells five lines of fly fishing poles.

1. Eagle GT: Eagle GT fishing rods range in size from 7 ½ feet to 9 feet. The fly fishing rods are low priced and designed for beginners.

2. HMG: HMG's spinning and casting rods come in one or two pieces. The shorter spinning rods (4 ½ to 7 feet) are crafted from graphite and come with Fuji reel seats and line guides. Casting rods are similar in size and weight, but the Flippin' Stik telescoping fishing rods are great for traveling.

3. HMX: Fenwick's HMX fishing rods come in three sizes from 8 feet to 9 feet. They are lightweight, strong fishing poles that cast perfectly every time.

4. Streamer: The medium action Streamer rods come in 8 ½ or 9 foot lengths. Priced affordably, the fishing rods are suitable for beginners. They offer a wooden reel seat and graphite rod sections.

5. World Class: World Class Fenwick fishing rods are similar to the HMX in length, but they are skinnier and have a rosewood reel seat. They are geared towards experienced fly fishermen.

Other Fenwick Fishing Rod Options

Fenwick has a number of other fishing rod and reel options. The Inshore fishing poles include livebait rods, bass fishing rods, spinning and casting rods.

Intercoastal fishing rods and reels come in casting and spinning models. And, for those who like offshore fishing, they offer a fine selection of trolling rods and stand-up models for all levels of experience.

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