Shimano Fishing Rods and Pole

Founded in 1921, Shimano fishing rod company offers quality rods and reels to a worldwide market. Shimano sells fishing rod & reel combos, jigging systems and simply rods or reels. With many available fishing products, you can customize your fishing pole system to match your needs.

Shopping for a Shimano fishing pole requires a little knowledge into the fishing you plan to do. Freshwater fish like salmon and trout will put up a bit of a fight, so you'll want a rod and reel that match their strength. Likewise, you will want a strong pole, fishing line and reel when pulling in a huge ocean dwelling tuna or Mako shark.

Shimano Fishing Reels

Shimano's conventional fishing reels come in 20 varieties. Whether you plan to do some saltwater or freshwater system, you can pick the reel that fits. The Trinidad Clamp avoids corrosion from salt water and humidity by using chrome-plated screws and a cold-forged aluminum design. The SpeedMaster IV offers incredibly quick reel-in times due to the open, non-snagging design.

Saltwater anglers will like Shimano's TLD or Torium, reels designed with anti-rust bearings. They are lightweight yet incredibly strong when reeling in large saltwater fish.

Shimano also sells baitcasting and spinning reels.

Shimano Fishing Rods

Shimano's freshwater fishing rods come in 25 styles, both spinning and casting models. The FX series is a two-piece rod suitable to any fishing skill. Solara's fiberglass Shimano fishing rods are perfect for beginners. Convergence fishing poles are designed for expert fishermen. These graphite rods are durable and easily handle even the toughest fish.

Shimano fishing rods also come in designs specific for catching Muskies, Salmon and Steelheads. Shimano's trolling rods come in six models.

Other Shimano fishing rods include:

· Inshore fishing rods
· Jigging rods
· Kingfish Rods
· Long rods
· Saltwater rods
· Surf fishing poles
· Ultra Durable

Use a Quality Fishing Line

Use PowerPro fishing line on your Shimano fishing pole for ultimate strength. The brightly colored fishing line is easy to spot in the water and superior braiding to prevent line snaps. Ice fishermen will want to use the PowerPro Ice fishing line that withstands icy water temperatures.

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