Fishing Rod Tube - Storage Caes for Rods

Storing and carrying your fishing rod and reel is made easier with a fishing rod tube. The durable carrying tube protects your fishing rod from damage and also helps hold the line and hook securely in a protective case preventing accidental wounds from contact with the exposed hook.

The best fishing rod tube comes with a padded reel holder and space for your lures, sinkers and bobbers. Also look for locking devices to keep your rod and reel safe when the fishing rod tube is out of your sight. Most fishing rod tube storage options range from $20 to $70 making it affordable to protect your rod without draining your account.

Cabela Fishing Rod Tubes

Cabela sells a number of fishing rod tubes. Their name-brand fishing rod tubes come in a variety of sizes and prices making it easy for all anglers to afford a rod tube.

Cabela's fishing rod tubes come with name tag blanks on top of the container. The come in two modles, an aluminum model that has a screw-on end cap with an o-ring seal to keep water out. The aluminum models comes in five sizes:

· 30”
· 41”
· 47”
· 56”
· 59”

Two-inch wide PVC rod tubes are covered in nylon and come in five sizes.

· 30”
· 44”
· 53”
· 56”
· 62”

Flambeau Rod Tubes

Flambeau's line of fishing rod tube cases include the Bazuka. The Bazuka is foam padded and meets airline requirements. The lockable cap prevents theft. The fishing rod tube telescopes from 63 to 87 inches and is four inches in diameter. If you need something larger, the Bazuka pro fishing rod tube extends to 102 inches and is six inches in diameter.

Frabill Fishing Rod Tube

The Frabill fishing rod tube snaps apart for easy organization of your rod, reel and tackle. A foam-padded reel area protects the reel from damage during transportation. Capable of holding fishing rods from 60 to 89 inches, most fishing poles fit nicely into the unit. Padlock holes allow you to protect theft of your fishing rod and reel.

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