Using Pedometers For Fitness And Weight Control

Pedometers and step counters give you the knowledge of what works. Start your exercise plan ... discover your daily progress ... melt off those spare calories ... get fit ... look and feel better.

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Getting Key Fitness Data With Your Pedometer

  • What Can You Measure? Find out how many steps you took today ... and how many more you'll take next week by simply glancing at your step counter. Total distance and speed? Easy. Your pedometer gives you an instant-on "real time" feedback . Calorie counter? Of course. Modern digital pedometers quickly deliver how many calories you've burned based on your weight ... speed ... and distance walked. For example, a 160 pound person walking at 4mpg for 1 mile burns almost 100 calories. Pedometers can also give you pulse rate.
  • Easy Fitness Tool Set Up. Each leading pedometer manufacturer, such as Omron or Sportline or Oregon Scientific gives you simple instructions to enter your weight, calculate your normal stride length. Result? You get personalized and highly relevant ‘real time" health and fitness data.
  • Getting Started . Decide how many health measurements you want. Buy a leading brand pedometer. Get some high quality, stable and cushioned walking or running shoes. Set goals and start off with achievable speeds and distance before adding new targets.

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