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From step counter simple to high tech multi-function pedometers, you can get all levels of measurement and feedback. Look over and compare most popular brand pedometers including Omron, Sportline, Chatelaine, Oregon Scientific and more.

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Comparing The Top Pedometer Brands And Features

  • Figuring Out What You Need . Technology options are wide spread in the current selection of pedometer designs. Here's the basics in terms of selecting technology options. If extra ‘measurement' data such as calories burned or heart beat or split-time features don't interest you ... . and you just want to know how far and how fast you've walked or run ... then go for simplicity in your pedometer. The Yamix Digi-Walker is simplicity and reliability at its best. Start.. stop ... reset buttons ... easy to read numbers.. and low cost.
  • Market Leader Omron Pedometers. Step counting ... total distance covered.. one week data memory function ... even your total calories burned are the core measurements offered in Omron pedometers such as the HJ-112 model. Strap it on your belt ... clip it onto your shirt or sports bra.. and then go.
  • Sportline Pedometers Giving Simplicity And Performance . Sometimes a design feature as simple as a face plate makes a world of difference. Sportline pedometers such as the model 360 give you a flip-down face plate that protects your start and reset buttons from accidental re-setting during your walking or running session. A dual-line display gives you easy-to-read total steps and total distance ... and directly below on line two shows calories burned, speed, time of day and more. If data read-out displays while exercising are "not your thing", then Sportline has an interactive talking pedometer that will vocalize once you've reached your target.
  • Oregon Scientific Pedometers. The design folks at Oregon Scientific know what works, and how to give you the health and fitness monitoring you're looking for. You'll get multi-function performance, including beats per minute pulse rate.. calorie counter ... distance.. speed ... time and more from the Oregon Scientific model PE 316PM. All for under $30.

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