Pedometers Are Your Great Walking Fitness Devices

Easy to use pedometers guide your fitness and weight loss program. Pedometer design features give you feedback on steps and distance, exercise time, pulse, calories burned and more.

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How Pedometers Assist You To Reach Your Fitness Goals

  • Vital Body Measurements: Bio Feedback. Modern pedometer designs give you instant reliable feedback so that you can develop a clear, achievable fitness goal. Along the way, your pedometer gives you "real time" instant feedback so that you can exercise with complete knowledge about your pace ... and bio-results.
  • What's Being Measured? Your easy-to-use pedometer straps on in an instant, providing you with a powerful on-board data processor to record all sorts of bio feedbacks. Your pedometer accurately measures your total distance and steps taken ... total exercise time ... monitors your pulse rate from around 40 beats per minute to over 200 ... and can display calorie counter data to tell you how well you're doing each day.
  • Easy To Read Large Character Dial. A quick glance to your pedometer immediately tells you al you need to know. Your dial face is large, even while the overall pedometer may only weigh under 3 ounces.
  • Cool Design Extras. Besides delivering on a range of key bio feedback areas, pedometers offer continuous entertainment. Popular models offer FM radio with discrete ear bud headphones so you can walk your neighborhood, the mall, or a wilderness trail and still stay in touch with your favorite programs. Better pedometer designs also offer "split time" features, so that you chart two halves of your exercise period. Groups ordering pedometers in bulk can also get special colors plus custom imprinted messaging.
  • High Tech Affordability. Many of the full-feature pedometers, even custom orders can be bought for under $22.

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