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Learn how to protect your hands, feel your bat and whack the ball with high-performance batting gloves. See how a batting glove secures your grip. Major glove brands including Wilson, Rawlings, Mizumo, Nike and much more.

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A Batting Glove For Grip And Hitting Performance

Like most athletes, you've put in the time on conditioning work to build-up your speed and quickness while on the defensive side of play, either as an infielder or an outfielder. So, how do you get on base more often, hit line drives and use your base-to-base running skills? Most of the answer lies in batting skills. Hand and eye coordination while taking thousands of batting practice pitches in order to improve your timing, bat speed, and contact.

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The other part of the answer lies in your equipment. Batting gloves have become "standard issue" equipment items since the days of Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax and other '60s stars. Modern baseballers look carefully to their batting glove in order to give them both protection and a better "grip".

What To Look For In Batting Gloves

A batting glove is ultimately job-specific, so you want to get the right fit and feel in order to "add to" rather than "subtract from" your hitting game. When researching online or preliminarily at a local sports equipment store, think about the following design features for your batting gloves:-

  • Baseball or Cricket. Baseball pitchers as well as cricket "fast bowlers" can elevate ball speeds to 95 mph or more. The sort of bat you use, and the sort of ball you'll face as a batsman determine the sort of batting glove that's right for you. In baseball, your hands directly grip the bat so you want a non-slip, slightly textured contact surface in your batting glove. In cricket, batsmen may still select an inner glove, however retain the outer batting glove akin to a lacrosse glove for protection against direct hits by a ball.

  • Hand Size And Fitments. Batting gloves, like driving gloves, are sized from small, medium, large, extra large to double and triple large. Finger lengths will rise and fall, from 3 ¼" to over 4 ½" fingers. The "crotch" of your batting glove fingers needs to fit precisely along the base of your fingers. If your glove finger is "short", you lose grip, plus the glove digs into your fingers to cause annoying abrasions. Palm width should be relaxed and matching your hand size without pinching at the sides.

  • Seams And Velcro Closures. Pick a batting glove where the seams do not run across your fingers, nor across the middle of the palm, or you'll get seam lines and discomfort. A simple Velcro wrist closure is best for adjustments.

Major sports glove manufacturers brands to look for when researching batting gloves include Wilson, Under Armour, Mizumo, Nike, Rawlings among others.


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