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What's the line between training and fighting? With boxing gloves , you step into the ring for direct sparring with an opponent, so you'll need the right weight gloves in order to meet ring side rules. Boxing gloves are designed in specific weights, ranging from 10-ounce up to 16-ounce gloves, depending upon the experience levels of the contestants as well as their weight class and age.

When you're not sparring and outside the ring, then training for fighting means other sports equipment such as bag gloves which you'll use against a heavy weighted punching bag of up to 100 pounds weight.

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What To Look For In Boxing Gloves

Before a fighter picks up a glove, he or she will undertake major amounts of mental and physical conditioning, in order to prepare for the hand-to-hand combat reality of the fight ring or karate mat. For competition, look for boxing gloves with the following features:-

  • Weight Class. League and match rules dictate the weight, in ounces, for your boxing gloves. Make sure you recite the governing rules for your fight class before you buy. You'll find boxing gloves weight-classed in 2-ounce increments from 10-ounce on up to over 16-ounce. Kid boxing gloves, for example, are typically heavy 16-ounce ones in order to safeguards kids from injury until they've received sufficient training and fight experience.

  • Sizing And Fitment. Typically, boxers tape their wrists and use a thumb-hole wrap in order to maintain rigidity in order to offer protection to your hand and the network of fine metacarpal bones extending from the wrist into your fingers. Ligament tears and bone breaks are to be avoided, unless you plan to undergo repeated hand surgeries. Bottom line, your hand should extend fully within the boxing glove, without lateral pinching on the palm nor crimping of your fingers.

  • Leather Versus Synthetics. Leather boxing gloves are the best construction, however may be priced above the many synthetic materials including nylon , which offers comparable robustness and long life when cared for.

  • Bag Gloves. Your boxing glove when out of the ring and purely training is known as a bag glove. Heavily padded, and sometimes even weighted in order to build-up hand and arm strength, bag gloves offers the most in hand protection during your training regimen.

  • Kick Boxing Gloves. Asian martial arts have broadened the participation in karate, taikwando, and kick-boxing. Depending upon your sport, you'll need to get maximal toe and foot protection for the "crescent kicks", "heel kicks" and short power-chops associated with these fight sports.

In principle the design concept for boxing gloves closely resembles the concept for lacrosse and hockey gloves , where the hand is cupped within a soft protective inner compartment, supported by an external rib of protection. Take a hit, or give a hit with the knowledge that your boxing techniques are sound and that your equipment is protecting you from injury.

Sports glove manufacturers to look for include Everlast boxing glove along with product produced by Title, Pro Mex amongst others should be on your research list.

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