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Pee Wee league to professional athletes look for performance advantages found in football gloves. Learn about designs, sizing and great brands of sports gloves.

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Lineman's Glove, Receiver's Glove And More

Whether you play an interior linesman position , a running back, or a wide receiver, you'll want to do whatever is possible to make the play and avoid mistakes. Sport-specific football gloves give you that 'competitive edge'. A great football glove is like wearing a second layer of skin. You still get outstanding 'feel' necessary when carrying or receiving the ball, plus you get an outer layer of protection which lessens bruising and abrasions.

Design Choices In Football Gloves

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Player positions vary, requiring altogether different talents and responsibilities. Consider the following choices you have in football glove designs:-

  • Synthetic Versus Leather Glove . Home and away colored football gloves are available in synthetic leather fabric or traditional leather, which has been treated in order to make it tacky a sure-grip. Synthetics absorb less moisture, therefore dry faster than leather.

  • Padded Versus Non-Padded. Interior linemen playing power positions need a football glove well padded on the palm and back of hand in order to give confidence when hitting. You'll deliver a safe wallop to your opponent, with risk of injury minimized due to the glove cushioning. Wide-outs, running backs will typically look to the non-padded football glove, due to the increased 'touch' necessary when carrying or receiving the football.

  • Lycra And Velcro. Your best football glove will feature a Lycra or spandex ribbing over the knuckle joint areas, thereby eliminating restriction. Stretch fabric also feature across the back of the glove so that you eliminate compression or restriction. Velcro strap closures around the wrist are a smart practical design rather than tube-designed gloves.

  • Shaped Anatomical Fingers. For wide-outs and running back, you need to look for football gloves which are designed with anatomically curved fingers, in order to maximize the fit. and your playing performance.

Major sport glove manufacturers offering football glove product lines include Reebok, Nike, Cutters, Wilson, as well as the licensed NFL properties brands

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