Golf Gloves - Get A Golf Glove To Put More Tiger Into Your Game

Men's and women's golf gloves to give you great grip throughout your swing. Get the right fit, soft feel, breathability and great grip from major sport glove manufacturers.

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Golf Gloves For Playing Performance

You've analyzed your swing, your stance, even your underlying fitness and conditioning so that you can play a mid-summer round of 36 holes without wilting. Make sure that your grip is perfect by selecting golf gloves suited to hand size and game.

Like many sports where hand-grip certainty is key such as with sailing, rock climbing or cycling gloves, golf has produced a flowering of space age technologies used in club shaft and head designs, as well as sports apparel to look good and stay cool. No surprise that golf gloves should harness this same design impulse and deliver a whole new generation of high-tech performance accessories for your game.

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Design Keys For Great Golf Gloves

Grip, soft feel, temperature and moisture regulation are the keys to golf glove designs. Before buying, consider the following:-

  • Women's Versus Men's. A woman's hand is shaped differently to a man's hand, being typically more slender with less musculature. Golf gloves design follows those anatomical differences by offering separate product lines for women versus men. Avoid gloves where you create wrinkles or folds caused by excess material.

  • Leather Gloves Versus Synthetic. Better designs feature thin-profile Pittards or Cabretta leather material. You'll experience a soft touch while maintaining great sensitivity and "feel" for your club.

  • Left Hand versus Right Hand. Golf gloves are produced in right and left hand versions for both men and women. Make sure to designate the correct hand.

  • Sizing and Fitment. Similar to a driving glove, golf gloves require a near-to-perfect fit. Researching online means, however, that you must know the precise measurements of your hand and fingers. Measure your palm width. Next, measure the length of your fingers from the base to the tip. You'll get a measure of between 3 ¼" to perhaps 4 ½" for men. Golf glove sizing associates with these lengths, beginning with s-small to XXL .

  • High Tech Material Combos. Better golf gloves will offer Pittards or Cabretta leather material, enhanced with spandex across the back and around the last two fingers, which are critical for your swing "finish". Velcro wrist straps give you a flexible fit, while Dupont Cool Max or equivalent mesh material permits moisture and heat to escape, leaving your hands cooler.

Sports glove manufacturers servicing the golf industry include Etonic, Nike, Wilson, Callaway, Mizumo and other great brands, all readily available online.

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