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Get professional performance hockey gloves, guaranteeing sure-grip and comfort-flexibility for practice and match play. Learn about the newest hockey glove designs, offering hand-wrist protection, moisture and heat management, and more from online specialists.

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Maximize Your Ice Time With Performance Hockey Gloves

You've put in the off-season conditioning and strength work, plus in-season training on techniques and game strategy. So, don't let your game drop by investing in inferior quality hockey gloves . Get a sure grip on your stick with a hockey glove that gives you the traditional four roll back-of-hand design for flexibility and sticky leather palms so that you maintain strong contact with your stick.

Sports Gloves
Performance hockey gloves create a critical safety barrier to the expected stick slashes from puck-hungry opponents. You want to be safe and confident that your hockey glove is amply padded and that no 'open' spots or gaps exist where an opponent's stick might make direct contact to your hand or wrist, causing injury and loss of playing time.

Deciding On The Right Hockey Gloves

Hockey and lacrosse gloves share some overall similar design characteristics, based on athletes' use of a stick, plus rules permitting a high level of stick-on-hand defensive checking. A guide to the best hockey gloves includes the following considerations:-

  • Comfort And Range Of Motion. Quick hand movements are the name of the game so pick hockey gloves that allow you to 'feel' your stick so that you keep a firm but not tight grip. Your hands stay relaxed, your response times remain quick and focused. Your hockey glove should allow back-and-forth and side-to-side movement without undue restriction. If you have to concentrate on your grip, then you'll lose concentration on your game.

  • Padding Protection. Better hockey glove designs, analogous to downhill racing ski gloves , provide you with either foam or air-cell padding in order to protect your hands and wrist and forearms from stick-slash injuries.

  • Thumb Protection. Skaters all quickly experience injured hands and fingers due to the speed and level of contact unique to hockey. Hockey gloves can retard but not fully stop the sort of compression injuries when you crash into the boards or an opponent. Thumbs are especially vulnerable, so hockey glove manufacturers often design an anatomic thumb lock into the glove, in order to set up a barrier against hyper extension of the thumb through falling or being hit.

  • Materials And Ease of Break-in. In a distant way not so different from baseball gloves , your hockey glove offers materials that include all-leather or leather-plus-nylon and full padding. Comfort and range of motion are critical. Also, your hockey gloves need to dissipate heat and sweat, accordingly may offer an inner membrane or glove liner in a material such as Gore Tex to quickly transfer heat and moisture out of your glove. Higher quality sports gloves offer quick break-ins due to manufacturers' prior treatment of the leather. You get immediate performance.

Major sport glove manufacturers to consider for your hockey gloves include Bauer, Nike, CCM, and Easton amongst the leading brands.

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