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Why DJ Software

DJ mixing software can be run on most laptop configurations, allowing for plug-and-play use wherever you go. No longer will you have to worry about damage or loss of vinyl records and CDs or the time-consuming task of sound checking and power metering traditional DJ set-up devices, with DJ software, you are always only a few clicks away from mixing tracks and building outstanding sets.

DJ software also provides many powerful tools that can be used off the dance floor. Many DJ software programs include applications for converting, improving and even restoring audio file formats to original quality. So whether you are a sound-conscious DJ, looking for a way to make compressed audio files sound like their uncompressed counterparts, or just a music aficionado looking to clean up your collection, computer DJ software programs can help you do so, whether or not you are interested in moonlighting as DJ.

Unfortunately, while most DJ mix software includes a similar set of tools and features, with many sharing similar interface designs, not all DJ software programs are created equally.

What to Look For

With so many DJ software programs available, it is difficult to know what features and tools to look for. Below are the criteria used to evaluate the best DJ software programs.

Design Features - DJ mix software programs should provide a variety of features, tools within in an easy-to-use intuitive design that meet the needs of various users. The best DJ software programs provide for quick and easy use with progressive mastery of more advanced tools.

Input/Output - DJ mixing software programs should provide for tools to import a variety of audio file formats. Many DJ software programs include an application for converting, restoring and even improving audio quality and integrity. DJ mix software programs should also offer MIDI and external controller device compatibility, allowing you to integrate traditional DJ equipment into the program.

DJ software programs should also provide for MP3 and CD publication. Many programs also provide for online broadcasting of recorded, and in some cases live, sets.

Performance - Like any software programs, DJ software is likely to have its kinks. However, problems like delay and skipping can hinder, if not ruin, any DJ set. Making sure that a DJ mixing software program executes smoothly and in a timely way is paramount.

Help/Support - Like any software program, issues often arise. Having the help and support to solve these issues is critical. The traditional forms of help and support in email, FAQ pages and telephone are always nice, but user forums and tutorials can also help out in a pinch, while providing tips and tracks to making better use of a program.

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