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Ableton Live Version 8

Ableton Live 8 is a unique studio Digital Audio Workstation, featuring nonlinear, intuitive workflow alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible perfomance options. The all-new version 8 introduces a host of new tools, features, effects and improvements to enhance the creation of digital music. The many improvements include a new groove engine, warping engine, looper, and effects. Ableton Live has never been so intuitive and user-friendly yet so powerful and effective.

Live is the only production software with a nonlinear grid for recording and playing musical ideas and phrases. This “Session View” allows you to record and play back phrases in any order for ultimate flexibility. There is also a second view called “Arrangement View”, which is a linear counterpart to the session view, well suited for traditional recording arranging and mixing.

The nice thing is you never have to stop the music; you can record audio and MIDI on the fly, drop loops and samples, add effects, and swap sounds without ever hitting stop. The unique Drum Rack combines simple drag-and-drop assignment with a familiar pad-style interface. Each of the 128 drum pads can have their own instrument sound or sample plus effects. The Ableton looper delivers classic sound-on-sound looping without hardware limitations and Live works seamlessly with most controller hardware making it easy to assign MIDI controller parameters.

Other key features include:

• Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
• Nondestructive editing w/ unlimited undo
• Supports AIFF, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files
• VST and AU support; automatic plug-in delay compensation
• REX file support plus built-in audio to MIDI slicing
• Video import and export for scoring, video warping
• Simple MIDI mapping plus instant mapping for selected hardware
• Full ReWire support; runs as Slave or Master
• Single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation
• Multicore and multiprocessor support

Ableton Live 8 caters to all your music production needs. With a ton of new and improved workflow features, no matter what your creative ideas require, Ableton Live has the tools. With tons of effects and tools plus an intuitive design, this DAW does more than just serve as a digital musical studio, it is more of a music companion.

Website: Abelton

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