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Apple GarageBand Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools – Sound Library / Virtual Instruments

Apple’s GarageBand is a great piece of software, yet many users feel limited by the quantity of samples and instruments that come with the software. If you’re not satisfied with the stock sounds, Apple GarageBand Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools may be just what you need.

Unlike most sound libraries, the Jam Pack features not only samples and loops, but virtual instruments as well. This particular sound collection contains predominantly club sounds, and leans towards hip-hop, R&B and electronic production; however, it also contains elements of trance, downtempo, house, electroclash and UK garage among others. The Jam Pack DVD is packed tight with over 4GB of sounds, well worth the modest price tag.

Apple GarageBand Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools includes the following:

2000 Apple loops

20 Drum kits of various genres

Samples from vintage drum machines (namely the Roland TR-78, TR-606, TR-808, and TR-909)

Virtual instruments: synths, pads, sweeps, filters, and basses

Sound effects (such as turntable scratches and needle drops)

Beef up your drum library with 20 kits from various genres, and samples from classic drum machines. Embellish your beats with choral stabs and atmospheric pads, or turntable sound effects. Where it is lacking in single-hit samples, the Jam Pack makes up for with sheer abundance in loops; with over 2000 loops of different styles and tempos, the average user will have enough material to chop up and play around with for a long time. For the price, the Remix Tools Jam Pack should fill the needs of most producers interested in creating a dance floor banger.

Suggested requirements are a Mac OS X system Version 10.2.6 (Jaguar) or higher (with a DVD reader, as the Jam Pack ships on a DVD-ROM), 256MB of Ram or higher, 4.5GB of hard disk space and a processor equivalent of a PowerPC G3 or higher. The Jam Pack can be used with both GarageBand and Logic. Other suggested software includes iTunes 6.0.2 or later and QuickTime 7.0.4 or later, which most Mac users will already have on their machines.

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