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Apple Logic Express 8

Apple Logic Express 8 gives users a streamlined version of the powerful and innovative production tools of the legendary Logic Pro digital audio workstation.

With Logic Express you can record, edit, and mix with unmatched quality, speed and ease than with other workstations in its class. Now with a redesigned interface and a range of sophisticated features, translating musical inspiration into professional productions is easier and more accessible than ever.

Logic Express offers the same powerful tools as Logic Pro including full notation, 24-bit/192 kHz resolution and Quick Swipe comping plus a beautifully redesigned interface, consolidating all windows into a single efficient workspace. You get 36 instrument plug-ins including the Ultrabeat drum machine and the ES2 synth and 70 effect plug-ins from Logic Studio, including Guitar Amp Pro and full-featured Pitch correction.

Among the new and improved features on Logic express are a redesigned single-window interface which eliminates clutter, allowing you to focus on you music; multi-take management and Quick Swipe comping, which dramatically streamline overdubbing; and powerful audio editing features like snap-to-transient, graphical time stretching, and sample-accurate editing in the Arrange Window.

The Ultrabeat drum machine features 25 programmable voices, a built-in step sequencer and advanced synthesis controls. Guitar amp pro offers 11 amp models, 15 speaker cabinets, microphone controls, and a dedicated effects section. Newly bundled production effects including full-featured pitch correction, ensemble, and Fat EQ plus creative effects such as Echo, Spectral Grate, and Ringshifter to provide exciting options for crafting your sound.

Logic Express is the ideal DAW for Mac users who are on a budget but need all the tools offered by the most powerful software workstations. With Logic Express you get the most important elements of Logic Studio Pro but not the other superfluous aspects that break the bank. Get started in Express, make the cash and upgrade. Now that’s smart business.

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