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Cakewalk Kinetic 2

Kinetic 2 by Cakewalk is the easiest way to make musical creativity and pro quality audio production accessible to anyone. Choose any hip hop or electronic style and then use the vast array of hundreds of professional sounds, patterns loops and editing tools to build your track. You can take your music as deep as you want with Kinetic. Bring in your own samples and loopsand then edit them with Kinetic’s part editor.

Kinetic offers over a thousand, 100%-genuine Roland instrument patches and sounds from their professional, genre-defining groove boxes and synthesizers. Additionally there is a whole new arsenal of sounds and effects, even VST and DirectX support allowing you to add hundreds of instruments to your creations.

The easy point and click interface with hundreds of pro music patterns and ACID-format loops makes it simple to produce music and make killin’ beats. You can add samples from the DropZone, tap beats from your mouse, keyboard or MIDI controller through the GRID and build and edit patterns with the powerful step sequencer/ piano roll view.

Just because it’s digital, doesn’t mean it has to sound that way right? Well, the PSYN II virtual analog synth lets you create bass lines, leads and pads with unprecedented ease giving you realistic analog sound. Also the wide range of effects, including filter, delay, reverb, EQ, enhancer, decimator, modulation and more, add a professional flavor to your grooves beyond mere instrumental recording, taking it that extra step to really turn heads. Add VST and DirectX instruments and effects, with ReWire support you can connect to recording programs, further expanding your studio and when you’re all finished you can export your masterpiece as WAV files for CDs, or WMA and MP3 for internet sharing.

With Kinetic 2 by Cakewalk you can go from zero to hero overnight. Granted, it might be a long night, but you won’t notice until the sunlight starts pouring in. Kinetic is addictive in the best way, its easier and more accessible than other addictions plus it wont kill you. But you will be killin’ tracks day in and day out.

Website: Cakewalk Kinetic


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