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Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator

The Pyro Audio Creator by Cakewalk is an industry-leading, digital audio workstation that allows users to record and edit audio tracks easily with an intuitive interface and an array of powerful tools. You can clean clicks pops and noise out of recordings and apply VST and DX effect plug-ins, mix, master and more. With Pyro in your arsenal, you will burn down the house.

Pyro delivers simple, 1-click recording to capture your musical performances, meetings, vinyl archiving, cassettes, podcasts, Internet broadcasts and more! With professional 2-track audio editing you can cut, trim, paste, clean, adjust volumes, crossfades, apply FX and pretty much anything else you would want to do to manipulate your mixes. When you’re done you can encode your audio into popular file formats such as MP3, WMS, WAV, and AIFF for CDs, or Internet sharing. Plus you can take prerecorded tracks and use Pyro to convert their audio formats to be used in iTunes®, iPod®, Zune™ and other popular mobile digital audio players.

With the vinyl converter you can digitize and clean your precious record or audiocassette collection so you can listen to them anytime without ever wearing them out. Or rip your entire, delicate CD collection to more easily accessible and reliable digital formats for use with portable audio players and, with Pyro you can instantly download track and album titles and artist names. Tag, rename and organize multiple audio files at the same time, and upload custom streaming music players for sharing on MySpace, Blogger and other networking sites. New and improved features allow you to burn gapless audio CDs to share with family and friends and create backup data of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray for safekeeping.

While the recording and editing elements of this program are great for recording and production, the post production aspects of Pyro are really where it takes the cake(walk). Cakewalk has nearly 20 years of experience making affordable and accessible programs for musicians and music producers. If you want the best program for digitizing and post-production, Pyro is for you!

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