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Pro Tools M Powered 8 M-Audio Compatible Production Software

Pro Tools M-Powered 8 has the same user interface as Pro Tools HD and LE while expanding the creative hardware options to dozens of M-Audio interfaces. Offering session compatibility with all current versions of Pro Tools means that you can easily move projects between studios. Pro Tools M-Powered 8 is a serious production choice for power, compatibility, features and user-friendliness at an extremely affordable price

M-Audio gear combined with Pro Tools M-Powered 8 lets you seamlessly collaborate with anybody running Pro Tools including cross platform work between PC and Mac. Fully packed with a huge selection of music creation and sound processing plug-ins, this software puts a well-stocked studio in your control.

Featuring an array of 70 DigiRack, A.I.R. and Bomb Factory plug-ins including EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb, and more. Six groundbreaking virtual instruments including mini-grandpiano, boom drum machine and Structure free sample player. Take advantage of a variety of RTAS and AudioSuite plug-ins and track with powerful host-based instruments from G-Force and Way Out Ware. Then polish your mix with effects and mastering plug-ins from isotope.

Pro Tools M-Powered 8, now with up to 48 simultaneous stereo tracks in 16- or 24-bit digital audio and support for up to 96 kHz sample rates, is ideal for M-audio interfaces and audio interface keyboards. Automation and Controller lanes allow you to view and edit track automation and MIDI CC data without changing track views and with 10 inserts to play per track you can use an unprecedented mount of plug-ins. The Loop Trim tool, in addition to importing REX and Acid files, makes it easy to turn audio or MIDI regions into loops.

The all-new Elastic Pitch lets you simply manipulate or correct pitch of any audio region in real time. You can easily transpose an entire audio region in semitones - up to 8 octaves in either direction without affecting timing or tempo. Fix imperfect vocals by altering individual notes in cent intervals and create cool sound effects by linking pitch changes with time compression/expansion using the Varispeed algorithm. Elastic Time is a real-time tempo manipulation feature that lets you stretch or squeeze tracks to fit time frames, putting loop-based music creation in the fast lane. Improve errant beats using Beat Detective and choose from several premium time-stretching algorithms in Elastic Time.

Creating flawless performances is easier than ever with track compositing features to piece together the best possible version of a performance from multiple recording passes. A fully integrated MIDI sequencer and editor let you record, edit and mix up to 256 MID tracks and Dedicated Instrument tracks combine audio and MIDI elements into a single channel strip to streamline your workspace. Groove Quantize and Groove templates give your loops the right feel and the array of new MIDI tools further streamline production with virtual and traditional instruments.

Pro Tools M-Powered supports both the M-Audio Project Mix I/O and Digidesign Command 8 to give you tactile control over the software’s mixing and transport functionality. Pro Tools M-Powered 8 is simply the best DAW for interfacing with M-Audio music equipment and, for the price; you wont find a better software program for digital music production.

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