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Numark MixMeister Fusion 7.2

MixMeister Fusion by Numark sets the standard for combining live DJ performances with the pinpoint precision of professional music production software.

The new version 7.2 includes breakthrough features such as an enhanced timeline, improved time stretching, and support for Mac OS X. With MixMeister Fusion you aren’t confined to combining a few loops and grooves. This software is designed to mix complete DJ sets from full-length songs so you get the functionality of a loop editor or DAW but can blend songs to create awesome live performances.

The Mac OS X version is universal binary for PowerPC or Intel processors. An enhanced timeline display provides a clearer division of measures than previous versions and improved time stretching capabilities accurately match beats with fast or slow tempos.

Effect automation via MIDI controllers allow for external hardware to manipulate effect parameters through the software. Support for EQ settings in transition templates is a great custom function for advanced users. The Fade and Cue Next feature fades and pauses the mix then starts it back up with the next song; a great feature for voice-overs while the new master volume control for preview output lets the headphone and control out to be controlled manually.

MixMeister Fusion lets you play a live set while previewing any moment of your upstream mix putting DJ’s literally ahead of the curve. You can manipulate mixes in real time with a wide range of external MIDI controllers and see your set take shape with the advanced timeline view. Mix up to 8 tracks simultaneously with the perfect sync feature and use included VST audio effects to process a part of a track or the entire mix. You can easily change tempos without changing key or pitch and when you’re done (or even while your playing), you can burn a flawless copy of your set to a CD.

MixMeister Fusion really does it all. Mix, record, master and burn a live set on the fly with the complete control professional DJ’s require. With MixMeister Fusion you will be rocking crows without hesitation and no dead time. Kill it with MixMeister Fusion version 7.2.

Website: Numark MixMeister Fusion

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