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Numark MixMeister Studio Version 7.2

The all-new MixMeister Studio version 7.2 by Numark is a powerful DJ sequencer delivering a greater set of tools to expand your creativity and produce performances that go way beyond traditional mixing and blending.

Studio remains the best DJ production software with version 7.2 including new breakthrough features like and advanced timeline, improved time stretching and support for Mac OS X. It allows DJs to reconfigure mixes with a similar workflow to many DAWs, an innovative approach that makes it possible to construct and produce a full-length mix on-screen by automating most standard beat-mixing tasks.

MixMesiter Studio lets you mix up to eight songs simultaneously while taking advantage of innovative features like intelligent looping sample overlay and sound effects. Improved time stretching accurately matches beats with faster or slower tempos and the enhanced timeline display provides a clearer division of measures than previous versions.

Effect automation via MIDI controllers is a great way to add a tactile element to you mix by implementing external hardware sources for the manipulation of effect parameters. Also, support for stored EQ settings in transition templates is an effective tool for the more advanced users to kick a stunning, professional mix in real time.

Studio lets you set gradual adjustments to tempo, volume and EQ with absolute precision so you wont be enslaving crows with a monotonous pulse through out the night but you also wont need to worry about shattering a vibe with a sudden drastic changes. You can select track according to key for a more harmonic mix or even change the key of song without changing its tempo. You can use the included VST audio effects to process part of a track or even your whole mix and, when your finished with your set (or while in progress for that matter), you can export your final output as an MP3 or burn it to a CD using the integrated export tools.

Ingeniously easy to use, and a host to hundreds of professional features, MixMeister Studio 7.2 has everything you need to put together the banginest mix ever heard. But, if you’re not sold yet, download your free trail version today and see for yourself. How can you refuse? It’s free!!!

Website: Numark MixMeister Studio

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