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Numark Cue 5 Professional DJ Software

Numark’s Cue 5 pro-level DJ software and a PC are all you need to monitor, mix, and output you your masterpiece in real-time as well as podcast on the web using the broadcast functionality. Built-in transitions and effects and CD-G supported formats afford a quick and easy Karaoke setup. Version 5 also host a load of new enhancements including FreeFrame plug-in compatibility, Smart Database management and a powerful Global Search function.

Cue 5’s visual waveform overlay of beats increases the visual clarity of the program and multiple user interfaces are designed to fit your particular mixing style. The built-in audio and video mixers provide multiple video transitions and effects plus add VST plug-ins to create beat-matched loops and samples on the fly.

The improved side list automatically lists tracks added to a deck but never played and several new keyboard and controller shortcuts facilitate even tighter real-time control. The improved ID3 Tag Support now allows you to view, search and sort up to 9 different tag categories while the improved smart auto-mix playlist lets you automatically beatmix songs in a playlist using the best mix method for each track all while using only one deck!

The automatic BPM detection works with all styles of music so whether you’re playing straight Hip-hop or mashing up an eclectic mix, you can be sure the flow with be retained. Video plug-ins add more powerful effects and titles to your video presentations and a video clip player gives you “sampler style” playback of video clips. Also Cue 5 offers a slide show plug-in for video outputs and FreeFrame plug-in compatibility. 12-bank sample and loop control is an innovative addition in this version.

Cue 5 works with Numark’s DJ iO, multi-channel soundcards, USB mixers, and built-in audio cards and is also compatible with external DJ controllers such as the Numark iCDX, DMC2, and Total Control. The software is easily mappable to external MIDI controllers and an improved Play History Management automatically records everything you play and when. Playlist management store your playlists in a separate folder in the documents directory for easy portability and the upgraded column support lets you select which columns you want displayed in the browser and organize them accordingly. An improved Timecode engine features new timeconde plug-ins and, new “smart” filter folders automatically update their contents based on your filtering preferences and show all the files of a certain type, year, genre, and more.

Cue 5 provides installation paths for full VISTA compatibility and integration with third party apps like Crates and iTunes. For DJ’s and VJ’s who are looking for a one-stop solution for all their mixing and producing needs, Numark’s Cue 5 is the ticket.

Website: Numark Cue 5

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