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Numark Virtual Vinyl 5 DJ Software and Hardware Interface

Numark’s Virtual Vinyl 5 is the world’s most reliable DJ hardware and software solution for scratching, mixing, and sampling digital audio and video files using any analog turntable, CD or HD player. If you’ve ever felt the desire to spin your digital files with all the control of a turntable, Virtual Vinyl 5 is your answer.

Complete with software, custom USB interface and connector unit, time code CDs and records and more, Virtual Vinyl 5 is everything you need to create a fully vinyl experience out of fully digital media.

By using the included control vinyl or CDs with a traditional turn table or CD player (not included), Virtual Vinyl 5 gives you an array of features like master tempo, seamless looping, instant pitch-managing, automatic beat-matching, BPM-aware effects, hot cues sampling and much more.

An improved timecode engine with new timecode plug-ins in conjunction with an included dedicated audio interface ensures optimal performance and makes setup child’s play. Smart Database management automatically checks your database integrity t launch and fixes errors by cleaning out and fixing removed files. Also, files are automatically added to a Global Search database that allows you to quickly find files stored on multiple folders and drives.

Virtual Vinyl 5 includes loads of new enhanced features including FreeFrame plug-in compatibility, Smart Database management, and the powerful Global Search function. It also supports CD+G formats for a quick karaoke setup. Built in audio and video mixers provide multiple transitions and effects. The improved Side List features several new keyboard and controller shortcuts and automatically lists tracks added to a deck but never played. Now with improved ID3 tag support, Cue 5 lets you view, search, and sort up to 9 different tag categories. Video plug-ins allow you to add more effects and titles to your presentation and the video clip player gives you “sampler style” playback. Use it to mix, scratch, juggle interchange and sample audio and video without expensive hardware.

Virtual Vinyl 5 is compatible with music subscription services like Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Virgin Music, Napster, and can be controlled by the Numark iCDX ans well as other popular controllers as well as the Numark DJ iO, multi-channel soundcards, USB mixers, and built-in audio cards. The Play history management records what you played and when so your show will always sound new and never repetitive. Dial it in with the industry’s most stable and reliable professional computer DJ package, Virtual Vinyl 5.

Website: Numark Virtual Vinyl

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